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Owning a business of any size involves many legal issues. Florida business law may differ from business law in other states. Each individual state has their own regulations and requirements that the average person has no need to know under most circumstances. A business law attorney/ can help you through every aspect of keeping your company operating within the parameters of state and federal law.

One of the first things your Florida business lawyer will do is help you decide which state business license(s) may apply to your company and what they may require of you. They can then help you get all your local and state licensing in order, and ensure you are covered for anticipated contingencies by creating all forms of contracts that your business may require. Each business is different and all require individual stipulations to protect both itself and its clients during the course of normal business. Business law attorneys can instruct you in the state requirements for all of your company’s dealings and can assist you immediately when you have any questions about complaints or suits.

Our Services

A Florida business law attorney can guide you through the legalities of your business including:

  • Actual start up
  • Contracts
  • Non-compete clauses
  • Sales contracts
  • Business formation
  • Buying/Selling a business

Ronald A. Luzim can also be your representative in all disputes and mediations. Our offices can help when necessary with any corporate or partnership disputes that may occur. Having a knowledgeable business law attorney ready to guide you at all times can help your business to run smoothly, keep your company healthy, and your bottom line solid and secure.

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