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thanks for your mediation services which were effective and very professional.

- w.r esq.

“Dear Ron, thank you for helping me resolve my personal issues. I just cant thank you enough for all you have done and I will always remember you for it.” (Family and Divorce)

- J.F.

I want to thank Ron for helping me walk through the legal issues of my permanent alimony case. At the original time of my divorce my financial situation was different than it is now and and my ex was not living with her boyfriend. However, both our situations changed and I needed to know my rights in terminating the alimony. I sought Ron's advice and he walked me through all the legal aspects of not only proving my own situation had changed, but that my ex was now in a supportive relationship. He believed that I had a strong case from the beginning to at least modify the alimony, and i am happy to say that he was able to help me get the alimony terminated. I finally feel like I can move on and build a better financial future for myself.

- Kenny A.

I started searching for a good Bankruptcy law firm and was lucky enough for find not just a good office, but an AMAZING TEAM that coached me and taught from the basic principles to life learning experiences. Not like any lawyers office, where they are just interested in your wallet , I grew to have a relationship with Ron and Robin. Where bankruptcy is comparable to shame; this was not the case at all! They were efficient, transparent and extremely professional... I only have great things to say regarding this AWESOME team. Thank you Ron and Robin for all your support and to have this bad history turn out to be a significant accomplishment! Thanks to you I am now debt free and ready to start my new path without the trauma and hurtful feelings. I wish you and the firm lots of success as you definitely deserve it!

- Erica G.

He makes me feel wonderful and better about everything. He’s truly one a kind. His office staff is fantastic. They talk to you about everything: They send you everything you need. They make sure you’ll be okay with everything. They check up on you. If something has changed. They also let you know your options and make sure you’re okay. They’ve dignity and class. They care about you they make sure you get whatever you’re entitled to. They make everything easier for you. I’m extremely happy about everything and being part of the family!!

- B.R.L.

The lawyer is amazing and the lawyer’s office is a phenomenal. They’re truly a blessing to me and my wonderful family. My lawyer, Ronald A Luzim, is a gift. The first time we met he makes me feel comfortable and wonderful. He explains, all your options, he makes sure you understand everything. He cares about you, he looks out for you, he doesn’t judge you but he helps. He talks to your family and he let’s you know how important you’re. He understands your situation and helps you through the entire process. He doesn’t leave you alone he stands up for you and helps make the best possible choice. He cares about you, looks out for you! He makes you feel like everything else we’ll be better with him!

“I truly want to thank you for your time and consideration in regards to my bankruptcy case. You are a true professional and I can only repay you by constantly referring you as a true professional in your field. Thank you for all of your guidance.” (Bankruptcy and Asset Protection)

- B.G.

Ron Luzim...what a spectacular representation of demeanor and class as an attorney. This man was so instrumental in helping with the custody of my grandchild to my daughter. Without Mr. Luzim, my grandchild could have been in a DIRE situation . Now, our lives have changed ..and all we can say is THANK YOU.

- Stacy W.

I would like to take this time to thank you both very much for all your help in our case. It was long and rough, but you got us through it! We will spread the word of your professionalism and send anyone your way that may need your help in the future. Thanks again! Have a wonderful day!

- The VanWinkle's

On behalf of my family and myself i wanted to take a few minutes to gratefully acknowledge and thank attorney Ronald Luzim and his para legal Robin for the continuous and impeccable care of our family through a very difficult time. Not ever having been through probate and being the personal representative of my mom's estate i was very apprehensive to even know where to begin. I was walked through every step of the way by Robin and she made the journey easy and comfortable and is an absolute asset to to attorney Luzim'a office. We are just about finalizing and closing the estate and never would have gotten to this point without the help of Ron and Robin. My siblings and I travelled down to Florida to sell and close on our mother's house and got to meet Ron and Robin and all felt exactly the way i do. They knew right then and there that we were in good hands! They are true professionals in every sense of the word and compassionate at the same time. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Ronald A. Luzim to everyone and anyone to handle their estate affairs.

- Linda Smith

"I would like to thank you so much for meeting with me today. You were very helpful to me. We will be gladly retaining you as our attorney to help us with our situation." (Bankruptcy and Asset Protection)

- T.W.

"I am so thankful for each and every time you patiently took case after case for me and i am so grateful for the things you taught me". (Family and Divorce)

- A.T.

I wish to express to you my deep gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding consulting and legal guidance you have provided with my family/financial problems. our initial consultation meeting immediately established your professional expertise. you laid out the legal process and disclosed what options may or may not be available. You carefully listened and gave close attention to the uniqueness of my situation and provide the insights needed to make the right decisions. your graciousness, thoughtfulness and knowledge, and that of your paralegal gave me the reassurance and confidence to move forward to the positive resolution of my situation. It is with delight to recommend and endorse your consulting and legal services and look forward to working with you in the near future for further family/estate planning services .

- e.d.

At a time when the stress and emotional upheaval of financial matters seem insurmountable we had to consult with a Bankruptcy attorney whether to pursue Bankruptcy due to circumstances beyond our control. Having an experienced and knowledgable attorney is an absolute must. Fortunately we discovered the professional and caring guidance of Ron and his assistant Robin. Ron and Robin have developed a uniquely systematic procedure for guiding the novice through the legal maze. Mr. Luzim's organized and thorough approach to helping us through this experience came at a time when we felt deeply discouraged and unsure of what to do next. We respectfully recommend Attorney Ronald A Luzim.

- James and Marie

I just wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciated working with you to solve my problems. I always dreaded using a lawyer, but since the first consultation I felt like I could sleep better knowing you were there to help. I was impressed how thorough you were in getting the facts and I got the answers I needed in just a couple of days. I have already referred clients to you and I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is in need of your services. I will also come back for your guidance before I sign any formal agreements. Thank you again.

- Stephen B.

thank you so much for spending quality time with me- you are a human/spiritual being. i am honored to be your client,colleague and friend.

- shelly

“Dear Ron, thank you so much for spending quality time with me. I am honored to be your client.” (Family and Business)

- S.S.

i truly want to thank you for your time and consideration in regards to my bankruptcy case. you are a true professional an i can only repay you by constantly referring you as a true professional in your field. thank you for all your guidance.

- bsg

Dear Ron- "thank you so much for your help on everything"

- T.V.

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