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Monthly Archives: December 2014

One House, 4 Heirs

 A single Dad dies without a Trust/Will (intestate), but owns a home.  One of his children would like to keep the house.  Is this a possibility?  Yes, but it may not be an easy feat.  Assuming the house is paid off and there are no other debts* to the estate, the property will belong to […]

Spending the Holidays in a Split Family

The holidays are a special time of year for most families.  After all, this is the time we are supposed to express our gratitude for each other.  How does this work for families that are divorced or separated? The most formal approach is to include holidays, summers and spring recess with dates, times and locations […]

Holiday Shopping Organization

Have you noticed many stores are already decorated for the Holidays?  The shopping season seems to start earlier each year.  Follow these steps to enjoy your family and friends this season while preventing a financial hangover in January Make a list – write down each person you are shopping for and a few items they […]