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How a Family Lawyer Can Help your Children Through a Divorce

Although it affects them just as much as their parents, children’s needs and feelings are sometimes left out of consideration during the divorce process. When a divorce is hostile or contested, it pulls the child in multiple directions and can be an emotionally confusing time for them. Often divorcees act maliciously to each other without […]

Ron Luzim: A Voice for the Families of Coral Springs

Family is everything, however things are not always so cut and dry. When it comes to legal matters with loved ones and family members, emotion can interfere and cause problems for all parties involved. Prenuptial agreements, asset protection, and divorces are complex in nature and require a skilled hand to guide you through the process. […]

Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Talking about prenuptial agreements can be a bit touchy. Some might feel that asking for a prenup is as good as telling your soon-to-be spouse that you’re not secure in your relationship. Though it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to talk about anything even close to being divorce-related, there are some good reasons why having […]