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Businesses Need Legal Protection Too

Businesses Need Legal Protection

Litigation can arise in any business regardless of the company’s size.  These matters can have a serious consequence on a business and are not only financially draining but exhausting too.  Commercial and business litigation do not always require court appearances.  An effective commercial and business attorney must be savvy in many areas such as mediation, drafting agreements, commercial and business issues, debt collection and contract resolution just to name a few.

Mediation – an alternative method to bring resolution to a dispute.  Advantages of mediation include a reduction in financial and emotional costs, less public awareness surrounding the conflict, speedy and confidential resolutions and improved relationships between all parties involved.

Agreements/Contracts – a legal document binding parties on a specific subject, partnership, business, etc.  An agreement/contract will legally identify the correct individual(s), corporations or LLC responsible for performing the specified obligations, spell out the rights and obligations of each party, including services to be performed, financial responsibility, termination of the contract and resolution of disputes.

Commercial and /business – attorney works for the best interest of the client including purchasing, leasing or selling a commercial property. Services include purchase agreement review, explain inspection reports, search property titles for liens, probate litigation and other issues that may affect closing on a property, works with all parties involved in the transaction to schedule inspections, closings, etc., review closing documents and insurance policies and attends closings to ensure the client is fully knowledgeable with their purchase.

Debt Collection – cash flow is vital for the survival of all businesses.  There are times in which in an internal Accounts Receivable or Collections department is unable to obtain payment from an outstanding customer.  Sometimes an attorney’s letter will make the customer pay-up or further action may be required; such as skip trace (locate a missing company or person) or a lawsuit in order to collect the debt. Other times, a business needs to enforce collection of monies due upon the performance of a contact or defend against unwarranted claims against it.

Contract Resolution – as mentioned above, dispute resolution is an important part of an agreement/contract.  An attorney will ensure the proper procedures are followed in order to comply with the agreement/contract.

These are only a few examples of the services a commercial and business litigation attorney provides.  Ronald A. Luzim is an attorney and mediator and has been providing business litigation and commercial legal services since 1974 so please contact Ronald A. Luzim, Esquire in Coral Springs Florida for all of business legal needs.