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What is an Integrative and Holistic Attorney?

According to Merriam –Webster the definition of holistic is “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.”

More times than not, an attorney is hired due to conflict between couples, estates and business partners.  A disagreement has occurred, tempers flare and feelings are hurt.  Parties react and want to attack with their emotions rather than with facts.

An Integrative and Holistic Attorney listens to their client, filters out the emotion and determines the cause of the disagreement.  Once the root cause has been established, the attorney can better advise the client on how to proceed in the legal process and offer support in healing the wounds.  Many times this approach allows the case to move through the legal system more rapidly rather than filing and answering complaints based on emotions.

In order for this approach to work, clients are responsible for the following:

  1. Provide Relevant Documentation.  Make sure documents are originals or certified copies.
  2. If previous legal action has occurred, bring ALL the documents supporting the case not just those in your favor.
  3. Honesty is the Best Policy 
    a.  Be honest on all forms and questionnaires.  Your attorney is your advocate and needs all information in order to proceed in the best possible manner.
    b.  Encourage friends, relatives and coworkers to provide honest testimony.
  4. Counseling – A court case is sometimes the end of a relationship or in the case of divorce with custody orders is the beginning of a new one.  Counseling can help in several ways:
    a.  Provides closure
    Teaches how to deal with the other person in a positive manner.  This is especially important in custody situations.  Conflicts are between the parents and children should not be used as pawns.

This information will allow an experienced integrative and holistic attorney to counsel his client about the client’s alternatives and risks and together the client and attorney can choose the best approach to follow to achieve the client’s goals and financial objectives which will then be pursued by the attorney.

With the help of an Integrative and Holistic Attorney and reasoned input by the client the events leading to the legal case can be a positive learning experience.  Sometimes it is hard to realize that life on the other side of a legal case can be empowering and satisfying. 

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