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Winning with Credit Cards

Winning With Credit Cards

Not long ago credit cards were used only for major purchases such as appliances, furniture and medical expenses.  Credit cards have become a normal way of life and if used properly can be powerful tools in your wallet.

Credit cards play a major role in determining buying power through credit reports.  The higher the credit score the better.  You can achieve and maintain a good credit score by believing your card is a short-term loan. It should be paid on time (also saves money in interest in late fees) and in full at the end of the billing cycle.  If that is not possible be sure to pay more than the monthly minimum.

Resist the urge to say yes to credit cards offered at retail stores.  While you will receive a 20% discount right then and there, the card may not be a necessity.  Every open credit card is listed on your credit report and having too many cards, with or without a balance, could show you are overextending your credit.  However, do not cancel a credit card.  If you are no longer going to use it, simply shred the card.  The length of credit history is a factor used in credit scoring.

Apply for and use credit cards with a low annual interest rate.  Some lenders offer an introductory interest rate.  Be sure to ask how long the interest lasts and what the new interest rate will be.  If it is a major hike, you might want to pass.  Lenders also partner with other companies to offer rewards for using the card.  This is a great opportunity to earn airline miles, cash towards paying the monthly payment, and other gift cards.    It could be beneficial to use these cards even if there is a higher interest rate.

The bottom line is to take the time to research the program and always read the fine print before applying for a credit card.  There are times when financial problems arise from the loss of a job, death of a spouse, divorce, or not spending money wisely.  Assistance is available to find a path to debt relief and asset protection.

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