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Hurricane Season Preparation

Hurricane Season PreparationDo you know that insurance companies do not issue Homeowner Insurance policies during a hurricane?  As silly as it seems, you should watch the weather forecast when closing on a home or mortgage refinance.  If a hurricane is predicated in your area, the lender may delay the closing and/or request a pre-storm inspection to determine damages after the stormdata:text/mce-internal,.  In any real estate transaction it is advantageous to hire an experienced real estate attorney.  A real estate attorney will advise of any issues with the closing, whether legal or title issues and works to ensure the closing occurs without controversy or incident in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Preparing for hurricane season is simple and can make the difference after a storm.

  • Water proof important documents – includes driver’s license, passport, social security cards, insurance policies and cards, photos, etc.  Place documents in a Ziploc bag or purchase a waterproof bag and keep in a handy place or take with you in case of evacuation.  Make copies of documents and store in a safe deposit box at the bank or with an attorney.
  • Locate neighborhood shelters – in case you are not able to stay in your home, know where to go.  Find out if the shelter accepts pets and let friends and family know where you are going to be in case they need to locate you.
  • Stock up on supplies – the rule of thumb is to have at least three days of supplies on hand in case of an emergency situation.  This includes bottled water, non- perishable food items, bleach, gas for a generator, batteries, tarps and baby wipes.
  • Prescriptions – refill medications that you are running low on prior to the storm.
  • Inspect outside property and clean yard – repair loose roof shingles, wires and gutters, trim and remove tree branches to avoid further damage to your property.
  • Take pictures – inventory household items of value.  Document the condition of cars, house (inside and out) and other structures on the property.

Following these steps will not only protect yourself and your property during a storm but will also make filing insurance claims afterwards much easier.

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