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Author: Ron Luzim

Winning with Credit Cards

Not long ago credit cards were used only for major purchases such as appliances, furniture and medical expenses.  Credit cards have become a normal way of life and if used properly can be powerful tools in your wallet. Credit cards play a major role in determining buying power through credit reports.  The higher the credit […]

Credit Card Dip

Have you received a new credit or debit card from the bank with a small metallic square on the front?  This square is a computer chip that is designed to keep your banking information safe.  Thieves have figured out how to steal banking information from credit cards using the magnetic stripe on the back of […]

Birth Certificates, Benefits and Responsibilities

Eight months have passed since Florida lifted its ban on gay marriage but changes have not been made to birth certificates issued by The Florida Department of Health. Florida birth certificates are gender-specific, “mother and husband” rather than the option of “parents”. This means that children born to these couples do not have the same […]

Grandparent’s Legal Visitation Rights in Florida

Florida is home to millions of grandparents but most of them do not have legal visitation rights of their grandchildren.  However, Governor Rick Scott recently signed legislature to expand grandparent visitation to a specific group of children, those whose parents are both deceased, missing or in a persistent vegetative state or if one of the […]

Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court has ruled that all couples have the right to wed in the United States.  The United States becomes the 21st country to legalize same-sex marriages nationwide.  This landmark decision provides married same sex couples with the same rights, benefits and responsibilities as opposite sex (traditional) married couples. The following are just a […]

Changes to Credit Report Reporting

Credit scores are used for more than just approval for mortgages loans.  A poor credit score may affect the deposit amount for cell phone service, utilities and insurance policies. Maintaining a good credit score by paying bills on-time, eliminating unused credit cards and keep credit card balances to a minimum is a must.  However, changes […]

Title Insurance Offers Protection after Closing

More goes into buying a new home than hiring a realtor, finding a property, making an offer and moving in.  One of the most important steps in the home buying process is a title search.  A real estate title is a document that states who has legal ownership of a property.  Once a sales contract […]

Good Credit Beyond Loans

Did you know that credit scores are not just used to approve a loan or credit card application.  Utility companies, cell and home phone services, private student loans, home and auto insurance and rental properties use credit reports to determine the amount of a security deposit required.  The security company ADT is now using software […]

Florida Cohabitation – What’s Mine Isn’t Legally Yours

Did you know Florida is only one of three remaining states where it is illegal to live together as an unmarried couple under the “lewd and lascivious behavior” statute.  The statute has been on the books since 1868 but is rarely enforced; however violators could receive a $500 fine, 60 days in jail and a […]

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